Continuing On…

Got a birthday present from Pops this week.  Coolest ever! Two Miyabi Gyutoh chef’s knives.  They are gorgeous!

So, it’s been a busy one.  Slipped on a couple things because of being down and out early in the week, but I’m roarin’ ahead now.  The goals of getting a little done for each project every day have been doing well, but I’m slipping on the language stuff.  However, I chug along.

Going to try to get out of the house a bit this week, maybe do some disc golf with the fam, and I definitely need to catch up on yardwork and those pesky outdoor projects.

The garden is going along.  Tomatoes have fruits, been eating squash and turnips, basil is becoming a friggin’ forest, but the damn peppers just won’t fruit.

Speaking of peppers, I need to go make some sauce.

Oh, and I’m trying to redump my recipes on the sites, but it’s taking longer than I was hoping it would.

1080’s about ready to be live, I think.

Still working on Broken Gringo, but having no money doesn’t help.  Maybe we’ll finally be ready for that when the pandemic passes…. eventually.

Anyway, still living by the mantra:  Stay home, stay safe, wear a mask.

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