So Much to Do, So Little Time

I’m continuing to plug away, so here’s my lil update.

Still working on the sites, I put in the logins, site management, some of the images, and the policies.

Still so much content to get online. But I’m working on it every day.

As for other stuff….

Turnips, tomatoes and squash are coming in nicely. Peppers are getting there, I wish that they would pick up on the speed of fruiting. I wanna make some sauce!

Got most of the recipes for the food stuff compiled and put together. Haven’t had the chance yet to make all the recipes for photos yet, as I’m still working on solutions for a studio area for that. But I’m going to throw up what I have, and add media as I have the opportunities to make these again.

Duo —- ah, Duo. I’m still hitting that up at least once a day as well. I have culled the number of languages that I do daily, so that frees up a little time.

Then there’s work. It’s a little crazy. But I love it, so I do what must be done.

That’s about it… that I’m gonna share… for now.

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