In This Time…

With the joys of the pandemic running wild and rampant throughout our communities, in full force country-wide, and around the world, I seem to have a lot of time on my hands to finish up the setup for several projects that have been laying dormant for far too long. So, I’m starting them now. This being one. I have a blurb about each of the projects on my About Me page, and links to each of them are available on the sidebar of this web site. I will be keeping record of the progress of each one, and running with the hope that they won’t interfere with the rest of my life and work and such. is one such project. Here, I’ll post up what’s going on in daily life. Maybe give light opinion on some of my projects, and will likely be providing updates on the lessons learned in my gardening adventures and other things around the home and from my time off.

I invite you to follow along. Maybe you’ll get an idea, or an inspiration and start a project of your own!

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